Control valves

Process management according to your rules

Regulate the volume flows and pressures of liquids and gases in process plants with Guth control valves. The right valve type for any application: The space-saving and cost-effective butterfly valves with positioners are ideal for simple control tasks. Exact control accuracy is the strength of the Guth single-seat control valve VSR.


Butterfly valves with positioner:
Space saving and cost-effective

Butterfly valves with positioner are the cost-effective solution for simple control tasks in piping systems. The valve is actuated and regulated by a digital electro-pneumatic positioner. The positioner, actuator and valve form a closed control loop. 

Electropneumatic positioner

Position regulators are available for all Guth disk valves. The retrofitting can also be carried out subsequently. The connection to the control is provided via a round plug M12. The adjustment of the control range can be carried out directly at the position controller or in the supervisory control.


• Cost-effective

• Modularity

• Maintenance-friendly intermediate flange design

• Maintenance-free actuator with 5 years warranty

Single-seat control valves:
Highly precise and modular

The modular, hygienic single-seat control valves from Guth are available in a variety of regular control characteristics. They serve in the beverage and food industry for flow, mixing or temperature control of liquid and gaseous media. The modular design with the large nominal diameter range from DN 10 to DN 150 and the functionally graded flow coefficients offers maximum flexibility - giving the right valve for every application.

High control precision

The digital positioners DigiPos  are standard equipment of our control valves with membrane actuator. They are characterized by a high control accuracy. Via interface and software linear, equal percentage or special characteristics can be set. In addition, they enable the subarea or split-range operation as well as the signal inversion.

• Simple adaptation

• Diaphragm or linear actuator

• Flexible connection position

• Special solutions with high pressure resistance up to 40 bar for valves up to DN 40

Technical data


DN 10–150, 0.5"–6"


EPDM, HNBR disk valve with a positioner EPDM, HNBR, FKM single seat control valve special seals possible on request possible


not in product contact in product contact

1.4301 (AISI 304) 1.4404 (AISI 316L)

Product-contacting surfaces

Ra ≤ 0.8 µm


- Diaphragm actuator - Lifting piston actuator

Operating pressure

PN 16

Control air

1-10 bar

Operating temperature

Long-term operation: up to 120°C Cleaning: approx. 85°C Sterilisation 145°C for a short time

Connection variants Butterfly valve with positioner

S-S two-sided welded connection G-S threaded-/welded connection K/M-S cone nut-/welded connection K/M-G cone nut connection/thread FL. PN 10-G flange PN 10/threaded Cl-Cl clamp-/clamp connection

Connection variants Single seat control valve

S-S welded connection FL flange connection

Kv values

0.4 – 160 m³/h small housing DN 10-25 for regulation of small quantities from Kvs 0.1