Corner tube sieve

The Magnificent Seven

The Guth corner tube sieve is used for the filtration of solids and liquids in the beverage and food industry. If a liquid flows through the sieve insert, it reliably retains the solid particles contained in the liquid. KIESELMANN corner tube sieves can be easily and quickly removed from the inline housing and cleaned.

Our corner tube sieves are available in all common nominal widths from DN 25 to DN 150 and in two perforated plate versions. We offer sieve inserts in DN 25 - 65 with a 0.5 mm x 10 mm perforated plate and sieve inserts DN 80 - 150 with a 0.7 mm x 10 mm perforated plate. Furthermore, the filters are available with an additional fine tissue mesh size of 0.25 mm and as a canned mesh insert gap width 0.25 mm.


  • Corner tube sieve with EPDM seal
  • Corner tube sieve with FKM seal
  • Corner tube sieve with HNBR seal

• Large area filter with high throughput

• Also available as a transfer tube sieve

• Various sieve inserts available

• Easy assembly and disassembly

Technical data


in product contact not in product contact

1.4301 / AISI 304 1.4301 / AISI 304 1.4404 / AISI 316L



Screen insert

Slotted screen: Perforated plate DN25-65: DN80–150:

0.25mm 0.5x10mm 0.75x10mm


RA 0.8μm RA 2.5μm e-polished

Nominal pressure

DN 25–100 DN 125 DN 150

10 bar 6 bar 4 bar

Operating temperature

min. 0°C max. 100 °C


Slotted screen: Perforated plate:

DN 25 - 100 DN 25 - 150


Thread DIN 11850

Operating temperature CIP/SIP

EPDM 140°C HNBR 110°C FKM 90°C