Safety valves

For smooth processes and protection against overpressure

Reliably safe processes - this is what our Guth safety valves with EAC certification and CE type approval for gases stand for. They protect against overpressure automatically without auxiliary energies. With safety valves from our company you ensure trouble-free operation and avoid damage due to overpressure. The ideal protection for all connected system parts, containers, pipelines and your employees.

Safety first

Guth safety valves open automatically as soon as the system pressure has exceeded the set value of the valve. And close reliably and quickly once the safe operating pressure is reached again. Closing is effected optionally by a spring or weight force. They are used in systems where liquids and gases are present. The response pressure is set at the factory precisely according to your requirements and is sealed to protect against unwanted changes. We will be happy to help you with the design of the appropriate safety valve.

Guth safety valves are distinguished by a compact and closed housing design that meets the  highest hygiene requirements. All moving parts are inside the housing, so no functional parts can be blocked from the outside. This also allows adequate cleaning of the exterior surfaces. The spherical inner contour with the hygienically designed clamping connections provides excellent CIP (cleaning-in-place) and SIP (sterilisation-in-place) properties. And we also thought: the valve insert can be removed from the housing for maintenance purposes without changing the pressure setting.

We like to be measured by our success: Our safety valves have been used successfully for many years in numerous processes in the food and pharmaceutical industries. 

• Low-maintenance construction

• Precise opening and closing

• For liquids and gases

• Closed housing, no moving parts outside

• Removable valve insert


- heatable (liquids)
- Proximity indicators (liquids)
- Cleaning hood (gases)
- Water seal (gases)

For CIP cleaning:
- pneumatically liftable
- Hand lever for manual lifting 

Technical data


Liquids gases

DN 25-100 DN 20


Liquids gases



in product contact

1.4301 / AISI 304 1.4404 / AISI 316L


Liquids Liquids Gases

heatable sensor inductive cleaning hood manual or pneumatic liftable

Operating temperature

Liquids CIP / SIP capable gases

max. 90°C to 140°C max. 130°C

Response pressure

Liquids gases

0.2-12 bar, depending on nominal diameter 0.1-10 bar


Liquids gases

Cone nut DIN 11851 G 1 Cone nut DIN 11851 other connections on request