Process-safe filtration

With us, you will find everything you need for process-safe filtration. Our comprehensive filter program includes through-tube screens, corner tube screens and dirt traps. Guth filter technology separates solids from liquids and reliably captures unwanted substances. Simple sieve inserts, inserts with additional fine wire mesh, and slotted sieve inserts as filter elements are optionally available for fitting.

The easy cleaning of our dirt trap is an added advantage.

Particles in the air supply can lead to diverse and difficult to identify disorders. We recommend  our stainless steel sterile air filter with replaceable filter element for a trouble-free air supply.

• Through-pipe sieve, corner tube sieve, dirt trap

• Many versions, DN 25 -150

• Sieves with slotted holes, with additional fine wire, slotted screens

• Durable stainless steel quality

• Sterile air filter

Product range


Corner tube sieve

Dirt trap

Sterile air filter