Bunging valves

Simply release pressure

Safe as a result, easy to use: Spring-return  bunging valves from Guth can be precisely and continuously adjusted to the desired  opening pressure. The valves open and close extremely sensitively even at low differential pressures.

Our bunging valves are available in both open and closed versions  with piping connection. The open design is ideal for free blowing off of CO2. With the closed version, the excess CO2 can be collected.

Guth bunging valves ensure a constant bung pressure throughout the fermentation process. They ensure that the required CO2-Saturation is maintained during storage, thus ensuring consistent quality.

This can be relied on. This is assured to you by numerous breweries and cider producers, who already control their processes with the help of our spring-loaded valves.

Bunging valves in our 6254 and 6255 ranges,  and also the nominal diameters DN 15 and DN 25 in the 6268 range, can also be used as safety valves. However, the safety function is only possible for the maximum pressure of the respective setting range. Thus, the use of a bunging valve with the setting range 0.5 - 3.0 bar is permissible as a safety valve with a response pressure of 3.0 bar. For the setting range 0.2 - 2.2, the response pressure is limited to 2.0. 

• With water seal for detecting gas leaks (optional)

• Small tolerance range

• Use as safety valve only possible to a limited extent

• CO2 return (closed version)

• Suitable for all gases used in the production process

• Type examination for the safety function under the supervision of TÜV Süd

Technical data


DN 15/25 for gases approved in accordance with DGRL (PED) DN 25/32 for gases approved in accordance with DGRL (PED) DN 40/50 G 1



Setting range

0.2–3.2 bar 0.2–4 bar

6245 / 6255 6268


in product contact

1.4301 / AISI 304 1.4404 / AISI 316L


Cone nut DIN 11851, G 1” other connections on request

Blow-off pressure

2.2 bar 3.0 bar 3.2 bar