Guth Ventiltechnik
Guth Ventiltechnik

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guth 1905Guth Ventiltechnik GmbH & Co. KG originated from Wilhelm Guth KG Kellereimaschinenfabrik which was founded on 31 August 1861. It was in this company that Heinrich Guth developed the first manual wine pump.

In 1894, after many successful years of manufacturing ever more refined cellar machinery, at the 13th German Wine Congress the company, which by that point bore the name of Kellereimaschinenfabrik und Metallgießerei Guth, was awarded an honorary diploma for outstanding service.

The company continued to grow under Wilhelm Guth (1860-1917) in conjunction with moves and new buildings. For instance, it had its own metal foundry expanded in 1906. At that time the company’s goods bore the brand name “Wiguna” and the domestic and foreign installation business was built up.

The founder’s grandson, another Heinrich Guth, took over the firm in 1917. Under his management, the firm’s orientation was switched to production and installation was discontinued. From 1936 onwards Philipp Winter, the sole holder of a power of attorney, managed the company and the owner was Emmy Guth. During this period the number of employees doubled and the technology was updated to state of the art.

In the Second World War, the company had difficulties as a result of shortages of materials and staff. Half of the firm’s capacity was used for turned parts for armaments businesses. Then bombs fell on the factory premises and artillery fire also struck the factory. Numerous machines and buildings were damaged or destroyed.

The business was built up again shortly after the war. The demand for high-quality control valves was great and persisted for a long time. Several new developments occurred during the period of the “Wirtschaftswunder” (economic miracle) and were successful.

At the end of 1981 this family firm was sold to Rolf Straßburger. He further expanded the range of services and this led to the creation of the current Guth Ventiltechnik GmbH & Co. KG.

In February 2014 Eduard Roth took over the company with its 150 years of tradition.