• Surge cleaners for aggressive media

    Surge cleaners for aggressive media

    Our best for highly corrosive media

    Acid-resistant DUNOS-R class plastic surge cleaners provide the best cleaning results, even in the most demanding environments.

DUNOS-R surge cleaners for aggressive media

Acid-resistant, self-cleaning technology

The DUNOSRrange in plastic, such as fibre glass-reinforced PTFE, provides you with powerful surge cleaners for aggressive media. The cleaners set standards where organic solvents are used, both in aqueous production environments and also in containers and tanks. The fast-rotating plastic nozzles wet the surface evenly and are ideal for extremely aggressive, pitting corrosion causing media.

1000 hours stress test: Smooth cleaning process 

The cleaning or washing action is generated and controlled by the optimal distribution of the mass. The liquid storage ensures excellent stability and freedom from particles. We have tested and assured this for over 1000 hours in endurance and stress tests. 

• Standard cleaning patterns 180°, 270°, 360°, special patterns optional

• Self-cleaning

• Consisting of only 3 individual parts

• Optimised support tubes made of tantalum available

• Low-friction design

• Any installation position, fixed or mobile installation possible

• Choice of various dimensions to adapt to available pressure and flow rates of your conveyor systems

• Made of plastic for highly corrosive hydrochloric acid media

Technical data


PTFE / glass fibre 25% PTFE / conductive carbon pure PTFE PEEK / PTFE 10%

Installation openings

R 15: R 32: R 60: R 90:

min. 16 mm min. 32 mm min. 60 mm min. 90 mm

Product-contacting surfaces

Ra ≤ 0.8 µm


Thread split-pin customer-specific


ATEX, Material certificate

Operating temperature

5 – 95 °C

Spray circle diameter

at 2 bar: 700– 3500 mm