• DUNOSR-VAL surge cleaner

    DUNOSR-VAL surge cleaner

    Cleaning: Everything under control

    Excellent cleaning properties and full control.

DUNOSR-VAL surge cleaner

Real-time control of the cleaning processes

Rotary cleaners of the class DUNOSR-VAL combine a powerful surge cleaner with wireless speed monitoring.

The rotating nozzle head of the DunosR-VAL surge cleaner sends a continuous signal to the monitoring electronics: For simple and targeted real-time control of your cleaning processes.

In addition to the pure rotation, the system also checks the adjustable minimum speed. The difference between the minimum speed and the setpoint speed produces a 24 V signal, which is sent to the higher-level controller. Proper operation during cleaning is indicated by a green LED directly on the unit. If the functionality of the cleaner is limited, the system immediately sends an error message.

With DunosR-VAL you have the current status of all cleaning processes "on screen" at all times.

• Externally visible proof of function

• Interface for higher-level control

• Programmable monitoring of the minimum and setpoint rotation speeds

• LED display

• Contact-free detection of the function directly on the rotating nozzle head

Technical data


Standard: Special materials (optional):

1.4404 1.4435, 1.4571, PTFE, Hastelloy

Pressure range

2-6 bar

Product-contacting surfaces

Ra ≤ 0.8 µm


ATEX, Material certificate


Thread customer-specific

Operating temperature

5 °C - 95 °C

Spray circle diameter

at 2 bar:

500 - 5000 mm