DUNOS-RN rotational cleaners

Specified spray pattern

The fluid-operated DUNOSRN rotational cleaners are characterised by their powerful mechanical cleaning effect through the specified spray pattern.

Even with stubborn crusts and deposits, a single DUNOSRN cleaner ensures excellent results. The cleaning jet of the nozzle reaches the entire surface to be wetted with each revolution. The kinetic energy of the target jet pattern flushes out solids with the spiral motion.

Our fluid-operated rotation cleaners are ideal for cleaning whirlpools in breweries and large-volume large-scale cauldrons in the chemical industry.

The hydraulic drive of the DUNOS RN rotationalRN is driven via the turbines. With controlled mass application, the nozzle achieves high cleaning efficiency in large-volume containers.

The special strength of the DUNOSRN rotational cleaners: high efficiency with small quantities as well as a customizable spray pattern, with a spray circle diameter of up to 7000 mm.

• Variable nozzles for each target zone

• Individually adjustable flow and spray pattern

• Spray diameter at 2 bar up to 7000 mm

• Solids flushed out through spiral motion and high kinetic energy

• Fluid-operated rotational cleaner

• Complete wetting of the target area per revolution

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Technical data


Standard: 1.4404, PEEK, PTFE Special materials on request

Pressure range

3 – 15 bar

Product-contacting surfaces

Ra ≤ 0.8 µm

Installation opening

min. 125 mm


ATEX material certificate further certificates on request

Operating temperature


Spray circle diameter

at 2 bar: up to 7000 mm


G 1 ½ Internal thread customized