Guth Ventiltechnik
Guth Ventiltechnik

A Guth start for the new trainees

We welcome David Hollmann, Yannick Föhl and Celina Volandt to the Guth Team for the start of training in 2018. David Yollmann and Yannick Föhl learn the trade of a cutting machine operator. Celina Volandt started her training as an industrial clerk at Guth.

On behalf of the entire team, the newcomers were welcomed by Managing Director Oliver Hecker, Plant Manager Josef Heckert, Secretariat Manager Heidi Ott, Production Manager Alexander Lang and Sales Manager Thomas Dreisigacker.

Welcome to the Guth Team and a good start!

From left to right: Oliver Hecker, David Hollmann, Yannick Föhl, Josef Heckert, Heidi Ott, Alexander Lang, Celina Volandt und Thomas Dreisigacker.


29. Aug. 2018 (guth-vt)